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*our scars remind us that the past is real*

hey guys:)

I was wondering if any college students would be willing to answer some questions for a project of mine for school. I'm doing this since I really want to be prepared for college and see what stuff I might need to worry about. I'd really appreciate if any student answered them thanks in advance :)

1)a. first name + age

b. gender
c. school attending ( please identify if it is: community college, CSU, UC, private) + state
d. grade level

2) a. Living arrangement (home, dorm, apartment, house)
b. your share of the rent - include # of room mates if renting
c. average per month for utilities (cable, phone, internet, etc)

3) Tuition per semester (per yr. if semester isn’t known)

4) a. average cost of books per semester
b. the highest amount ever spent for one semester

c. the most expensive college book

5) a. do you purchase used textbooks when possible (yes/no)
b. IF YES, do you purchase them from: student book store; online; other


6) a. Do you own a car? If yes: paid for, still paying, parents car?
b. yearly insurance cost (approximate)
c. average per week spent on gas

7) Do you use a parking permit? If yes what did it cost?

8) Do you work? If yes how many hours per week average

9) a. cost of groceries per week (if in dorm, put dorm; if at home put home)

b. how many times a week do you dine out? (breakfast, lunch, dinner- not snack)
c. how often do you get drinks each week? (Starbucks, 7/11, AM/PM, etc.)

10) On average, how much do you spend a week on entertainment? (movies, clubs, dates, etc.)

11) a. Do you have a cell phone? If YES, average cost per month.
b. Do you have internet service? If YES cost per month.

12) What are the 3 most unexpected costs of going to college?

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