An Overachiever of the Wrong Persuasion (badmonkey77) wrote in sphe,
An Overachiever of the Wrong Persuasion

NASPA/ACPA Placement Exchange

I'm very confused by the whole placement exchange concept. I've signed up for the website, and seen a few job listings that I am interested in applying for, but really don't know where to go from there. Is this like a regular job postin, where I just mail in my resume and cover letter, or is there some other process that goes on? I vaguely recall some of the former students in my program mentioning something about there being mailboxes at the actual exchange, and you would get notices in your mailbox from schools that wanted to interview you even if you didn't apply with them. Is that accurate, or is my imagination running rampant through my memoory again?

Help! I'm so confused...
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