shandus (ocean_drop) wrote in sphe,

Info on grad programs

I plan to apply to the Student Affairs Masters programs at the following schools:

Indiana University - Bloomington
Bowling Green State
Ohio State
Miami University
U. Mass - Amherst
Colorado State

Are any of you LJers currently in one of these programs (or a graduate of one of these programs)? I've already had the privilege of discussing the IU-B program with a current student, so I'm more informed about that one, but I'd really like to hear a first-hand account of the programs at the other schools. I'd specifically like to know about the quality of the program, the quality/availability of assistantships (and whether the stipends are good), and what the focus of the program is (administrative vs. counseling, etc). Oh, and I'd also like to hear about what it's like to live in any of the towns where these schools are.

Thanks so much!!!
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