T.J. Jourian (trannytrent) wrote in sphe,
T.J. Jourian

Job searching and cover letters

Hey all,

I had a couple of questions about job searching that I was wondering if folks in these communities would be able to help with:

1. Do folks know of a good online resource to help with cover letters, particularly offering basic tips and samples that would fit well in the student affairs field?

2. I graduated from my program in 2006, but had to relocate outside of the States for 2 years and have been somewhere where saying that student affairs positions are limited would be euphemistic. I've been employed in other positions (Personal Assistant and Book-Keeper), but don't know if I should include these in my resume now. They're not relevant in any way, but on the other hand my resume would be empty from 2005-06 on. Thought I'd check in here to see what sort of advice people would give me.

Thanks everyone.

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