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Help with choosing which programs to apply to?

Hello all! My name is Christine and I just found and joined this community yesterday. I have to say there is some great info on here and all of your posts have already helped me add to and delete from my list of potential program choices! So thanks!!

Really quickly a little about me. I graduated with a BA in classics from UCLA in 02 and an MA in Italian Lit in 05. During my undergrad years I spent 3 years working for the UCLA Grad School of Education as an editorial assistant for the journal Educational Assessment. I spent enough time there to learn a lot about the education field and to also know that educational policy and assessment work is not for me. It did pique my interest however. In grad school I was an advisor for students in the Italian Department on matters regarding study abroad. And recently I've become heavily involved in my alumni association with mentoring incoming freshman, as well as reading applications and interviewing incoming Freshman and transfer students for scholarships. More and more I have come to see that working in higher education is my path.

There are four areas that really interest me: admissions/enrollment management, international programs ie study abroad advising, student alumni relations and incoming/first year orientation programs. Keeping these in mind, I was wondering if there is anyone here from the programs I'm interested in and whether you think they might be a good fit for me.

OSU (Oregon not Ohio)
IU Bloomington
Harvard- HEP program

I know there are a few of you here from MSU, NYU and IU Bloomington so any advice would be really helpful. Thank you all so much for reading this massive post and for any info you might be able to provide. I really really appreciate it! Hope you all had a nice 4th!!

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i will be starting at oregon state this fall and i know they have a number of great assistantships in the areas you are interested in - and it is a pretty strong program. all i know about the program now is what you can find on the website (it's pretty thorough!) but once i'm there i might have more info for you if you still plan to apply there! i went to interview there and the program is pretty well-rounded - not too theoretical or practical.

i also applied to / was accepted to NYU but it is definitely not the highest caliber program according to many higher ups in the higher ed field... the NYU name is really the only reason to go there.
Hi! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I'm glad to hear that you liked them enough after interviewing to decide to go there. OSU has a lot of things going for it. Besides the program I could see myself liking Corvallis which is important. Would you mind me friending you? Especially if you are going to be blogging about the program in the future?

Thanks again I really appreciate it!
I'm at IU-B! To answer your question, we have a practicum in Orientation and Admissions, though no assistantships in those areas. There are assistantships in International Programs, though I'm not sure if they focus at all on study abroad. They may be more dealing with international students (not sure, could be wrong). Student Alumni programs offers a really competitive assistantships that gives a lot of good experience.

Any other questions, I'm happy to answer them!

Hello:) Thanks so much for getting back to me! I'm really excited to hear that IUB gives good experience in Student Alumni programs. That gives me something to think about. Did you like living in Bloomington? I've heard it's a little multicutural oasis. The little bit of research I have done makes it seem like a nice place to live. Plus the Lily Library and Peter Bondanella are at IUB. Sorry big geek here! I took a peak at your user info and it looks like you finished up at Bloomington. Do you mind me asking what you are doing now?

Thanks again!
Wait never mind you say you are currently there. Ignore my questions about what you are doing now:)
I took Italian for two semesters as an undergrad at IU, and Bondanella was the best prof. Everyone scrambled for those classes!

So due to undergrad + grad, I've lived in B'ton for 6 years now. And let me tell you, I love it here. It is absolutely a little multicultural, liberal oasis in the middle of the midwest. I'll actually be sad to leave it once grad school is done, and I think it says a lot that a good chunk of IU HESA grads wind up returning to IU at some point or another for jobs.

I thought I'd get burned out on an extra two years in B'ton (I took a year off between u-grad and grad to work in the Admissions office), but I'm absolutely loving it. And the Lilly Library is choice